Monday, July 14, 2008

Catching Up...

Okay, it's been a long time since I've written...and now that I'm learning that there are people actually reading my blog, I'm going to attempt to be a little better at writing more often.

First, I need to speak about the Brett Favre drama. I need to speak about it, because I want to make sure that everyone knows how much I can't stand the Brett Favre drama. I understand I am from Green Bay. I am definitely a Packer fan. I also do have an opinion on the whole situation. However, I realize that in our society, we are constantly complaining about how much time we DON'T have for things that matter. So why on earth should we all take time away from our families, church, and other activities that actually matter, to head down to Lambeau Field (every Sunday, according to the protest starter-uppers), to try to get face time on the news cameras. Seriously, when they were interviewing the man that started the whole protest, it was like he wanted the world to know what a serious thing this is...that the Packers should take a vote of "The People" and see what they should do. Here's my vote...go home...take your kids to the something worthwhile! Okay, I think I'm done there.

Next, my weight update... I am down 75 pound, and have under 100 to go! Yeah! I am losing a lot of my hair, since I'm having trouble getting enough nutrients. That makes me pretty tired too. However, the doctor said that about six months after surgery, the body starts to understand what it needs to do. I am willing to deal with this, because the outcome is so great.

Finally, I had a very wonderful weekend this past weekend. On Saturday, Mike, Aristana and I headed out to Sturgeon Bay, where we met Andrew, Julie, and Julie's family, at the Pudgy Seagull. After breakfast, we all walked to the farmers market, where I got to be a shopper, and not a vendor. It was nice. Here's my shout out to Andrew and Julie! Thanks for reading my blog!

On Sunday, we went to Way-Mor Park for a surprise party for Roger and Carol Boeder's anniversary. It was a great time. Dave & Kristy Hinz were up from Illinois, with Rollie and Valerie. ...such cute and fun kids! Aristana played around with Dad, and Uncle Matty, Uncle Nate, and Lis. It was nice to get together with everyone again.

That's it for now. I have to get back to cleaning for my Arbonne party tomorrow night. yeehaw!