Thursday, September 25, 2008

We're good to go!

Ironically (and expected), Aristana started to feel better only a few days after going to the Childrens Hospital. She pulled this on us a few times before, so we didn't get our hopes up too high. However, this time, she just kept on getting better. We're at almost three weeks now, with normal diapers! Her specialist decided to cancel the scopes, since the risks now outweigh the benefits. Thank you Jesus!

On a new note...we did end up going to urgent care today... Apparently we just can't stay away. Aristana was dancing in her room, and spinning like the wild girl she is. She tripped over her rug, and her eye/upper cheek met with the knob on her bottom dresser drawer. Things are looking good, and we just need to watch her. She even knows how to say "shiner" now. :) We stopped by the lab after, to say hi to Amanda, Mel, and Pam. She got all tattooed up, and was content once again.

Thank you again for all your prayers. Hopefully we are truly at the end of a two month ordeal!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Maggie for McCain...

Disclaimer: This is a blog. It is here so I can explain what's going on in my life. This is not a political commercial, or invitation for a debate. Thanks!

I had a great night! My sister Lauren and I decided to volunteer for the upcoming McCain/Palin rally, in Green Bay tomorrow. We were both assigned to the "press committee." We will be in charge of making sure that members of the press have their credentials and identification. From there, we'll be stationed around the Resch Center to make sure everyone "behaves."

We made signs for awhile tonight too. It's been a long time since I've played with paint. We really had a good time, and for such a great cause.

Of course, what's a night of painting political rally signs, without a trip to the bar, on the way home? We stopped at The Bar after, for some yummy grub.

Tomorrow is the big day. We start our day at 3pm, and will be there all night. I can't wait to see them both! I am so excited to experience the rush of being at a rally. I'm sure some of you think I'm a big dork right now.

I have to give credit to my big brother Brady, for introducing me to politics in 1988, when he took me to see George Bush (41) in Appleton. There was something magical about being in a rally/speech environment. That season, we also saw Al Gore in Green Bay. Yeah, he ran for president back then too.

This led to a desire to help out at every election since. In 1992 I went to visit Brady at UW-Stevens Point, and help out with Bush's (41) whistle stop train tour. I was made the head of the sign committee. It was a great opportunity, being that I was only a sophomore in high school. I was able to meet him that time, which was such an honor.

In 1996, I campaigned for Bob Dole at UW-LaCrosse. I was a member of the "Teenage Republicans" group, and was chosen to be part of Dole's motorcade, when he campaigned in Green Bay. I got to go to his fundraising dinner as well. My camera stopped working, as he was getting closer. He realized that I was having issues, and actually helped fix my camera! That was awesome!

2000 came, and I lived in Orlando, with many liberal friends. I campaigned for Bush(43), by volunteering for two stops he made (remember what a close state it was). I was able to be in the state that caused so many problems for America, and their desire to know who the president would be.

Finally, 2004 proved to be another exciting year. I just couldn't stand John Kerry.

Here we are... sorry for boring you with those details. I am so proud to have been able to serve in these campaigns, and hope everyone has the chance to serve their respective candidates sometime as well.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Back to normal?

Hey Everyone!

First of all, CONGRATS TO DAN AND LISA PUYLEART (and Kaylin too)!!! Baby number two on the way! Never a dull moment...

After a nice week, and a great weekend, I realized this morning that Aristana has been one week without "problem diapers." She still complains of stomach pain here and there, but is definitely doing much better. I called her gastro doctor's nurse this morning to let her know. As of now, we're keeping the scopes scheduled (Sept 29th). However, I'm supposed to call her next Monday to see where we go from there. If Aristana has another good week, we may take a different route. Please keep her in your prayers...this is so great!

We had a great weekend, celebrating cousin Laura Schumacher and Dave Zabrauskis (probably not the correct spelling)wedding. It was rainy. However, Racine missed a storm system that dumped seven inches of rain on Chicago. We have to be glad for the weather we did get. Laura was such a beautiful bride, and giggled a lot during the ceremony. She's definitely one of the most fun brides I've seen in a while. We're so happy for them, and wish them blessings in their life together.

It was also great to see lots of the family again. Matty rode to Racine in our van, so Aristana really enjoyed that. We got to see Nate, Lis, Rob, Shelly, Grandma, Grandpa, etc. Aristana didn't take a nap all day, so she was Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hide, throughout the event. During the ceremony, she yelled, "Mama, acky poo!" until Mike took her out, to change her diaper. The mood swings worked in her favor though, because we just kept giving her what she wanted, to keep her from exploding. She got a cupcake and some angel food cake from me, some snacks from dad, and cookies from Grandma and Grandpa. Unfortunately, she never crashed after a sugar high. She still wouldn't go to sleep until about 9:30pm. 2:30am was apparently the time for her to wake up, asking for "be-best." Breakfast...she and I, hanging out in the hotel lobby at 2:30 in the morning, eating a left over bean burrito and fruit snacks. Yummmmmmm. She finally went back to sleep at 4:30. By 7am she was ready to go again. What a girl...

Anyway... I'll still keep you posted. I hope this is the end of a tough phase. Thank you for all of your prayers and concern.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Test Results

Just letting you all know that so far, Aristana's lab results are coming in negative & normal so far, so that's great news. However, it's frustrating, not knowing if there really is something wrong, or if she's just going through something. I'll be setting up her endoscopy/sigmoidoscopy & biopsy appointments tomorrow.

I'm not planning on writing again until next week. I don't expect any new news in the next few days, and we'll be celebrating Cousin Laura Schumacher's wedding this weekend, in Racine. Until then, thanks again for all of your support!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Feeling Good...

Hey Everyone... Just letting you all know that Aristana has been having a good couple days since her appointment. She's still having bad moments here an there, but overall, seems to be feeling better. She ate lots today too, so that's great.

This past Saturday was my last Sturgeon Bay Farmers Market. Aristana of course, came along, and stayed at Grandma's house. She had a great time with Grandma, Aunt Lauren, and the kitty kitties, Moses and Pierogie.

Tonight we went to watch uncle Nate's volleyball game, and she had a great time. We were able to get out yesterday too, and hang out at a corn roast, hosted by a firefighter that Mike works with. Aristana was at home there, since there was tons of food, desserts, and a huge yard with lots of running around room.

We should hopefully have her blood test results back tomorrow, and I'll definitely keep you updated. We still don't have a date set for her scopes yet though. Hopefully we'll get that set up soon too.

Thanks everyone!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back from Milwaukee...

Holy rain! Apparently it didn't rain as much up here today, as in Milwaukee. Visibility was very limited on the way there. A 1 hour 45 minute trip ended up taking two and a half. I'm glad we left early. There were a bunch of accidents messing up the highway. I've been in an accident in Milwaukee already, so I was even more on guard. (Um, yeah...and I still was willing to take pictures of myself driving, while I was actually driving. I'm a Smart Cookie!

Aristana was awake most of the trip, and did a great job! Granted,we played "I spy" for an hour...spying the same things over and over again. But it never seems to get old. We also sang a lot...she's so much fun! Even when she's sick...

When we made the appointment for Aristana to meet with the pediatric gastroenterologist at Childrens Hospital, it seemed as though she started to improve, having only a couple "bad diapers" a day. However, today, as soon as the nurse walked in, she needed a change. By the time we were done, they needed to redo the room, since the paint started peeling off the walls from the smell.
Aristana, needless to say, is no longer excited to see a doctor's office. She was by no means the princess she always acted like at prior visits. Dr. Venkat is a remarkable, and was able to check her belly, while she thought he was just tickling her. Okay, get this... his full name is Dr. Narayanan Venkatasubramani. Wow! He just goes by Dr. Venkat..thank God. Funny story though. He asked Aristana if she could say Venkat. She said "kitty kitty." Now he's Dr. Kitty Kitty. :)
He explained all of the possibilities, and what our path is from here. She had her first blood draw, and had three vials taken. We should have those results back by Monday. Thanks to her "bad diapers," Jean, the nurse, was able to collect four of the labs she needed. Unfortunately, it's my job to collect seven more. I'm getting very experienced at this...yipee. You don't learn this stuff at Mom school. We will also be heading back to Milwaukee in a few weeks, so she can have an endoscopy and a sigmoidoscopy. They will also do some biopsies during the scopes. She'll be put to sleep for that, so thankfully she won't feel or remember any of it. I'll keep you all posted throughout this ordeal.

She fell asleep shortly after we got in the van, to head home. Traffic was extremely slow, since the rain started falling heavier than before. There were a few accidents, and people were driving like complete idiots. I realized that my head was bobbing, and I didn't remember driving the previous ten minutes, around Cleveland. We stopped to get out of the van for a few minutes. We had to stop again in Manitowoc. we're home. Aristana is in for a nap, and I'm going to do the same.
Thanks again for your prayers and caring! I know everyting will be fine. The process of getting there, however, doesn't seem to be so reassuring.
I'll write again soon