Sunday, November 23, 2008

On the way home

I have had such a great trip! I set some goals for myself, that I knew would be difficult to achieve:
- $800 in sales.
- four bookings
- two potential recruits

Here's what I'm at so far:
-1400 in sales (expecting more orders)
-four bookings (three in Jax, one in Orlando, & 2 more potentials)
-I gave out 5 recruiting packets

Things went so well! I had a great time in Jax. I went to dinner with Nate Bryhan at the Mellow Mushroom, and had some great pizza! The next day was my show. Katerina, my recruit from my last trip, came along with me, so I got to know her a little better. The show was lots of fun. about four of them were at the last show, and I was really looking forward to seeing them again. If I was single w/ no kids, I'd want to have them as my friends. I love listening to their stories of dating, and they always welcome me as a friend. I'll be seeing them again in March. Julie had a nice show, good sales, and lots of bookings.

Then next day, I had a nice drive to Orlando, and the temp got up to 65 degrees. Everyone was wearing jackets. I laughed, but realized I too was friggin freezing after a little bit. I had the heat on in my room the entire time I was in Orlando.

I ended up selling about another $400 in jewelry, creating another show, and getting a show booked at the Crabby Bills restaurant at the Clarion Hotel in Orlando, in March. Also, the owner of the restaurant asked for some catalogs to hand out at Thanksgiving. However, I just checked my voicemail, and she called to let me know that she already has a couple hundred in one day! I had no intentions of bringing out the lia sophia in Orlando, but it ended up being a huge chunk of my stay. Also, I have two potential recruits in Orlando now, as well.

Jonathan came to the hotel when I checked in, and we went over to Animal Kingdom. We rode Expedition Everest twice, and checked out the bats, tigers, and a couple animals I can't name. We saw the Nemo show too, which was very cute! We rode "Dinosaur," which was much better this time. It scared me pretty bad last time...yeah, I know...grow up.

From there, we headed to Epcot. My toes were numb by this point, and we were both shivering. I remember hanging out in the Disney shops, trying to get my share of the air conditioning, but this time, it was completely opposite. It was so cold! We rode the newly renovated Spaceship Earth, Mexico ride, and Maelstrom in Norway. We also went to the Seas with Nemo and friends.

After that, we went to the Boardwalk resort to go to Jellyrolls! Anyone who knows me well, knows that my favorite place to be, other than home, is Jellyrolls. We had such a great time, as always, and I kept thinking of all the people I'd love to have there with me. I only requested two songs this time, but left before either were played. I fell in love with the beer "Landshark." It's Jimmy Buffett's beer, and is brewed in none other than Jacksonville. Guess where I'll have to go, next time I'm in Jax?.?.? It's kind of like Corona or Bud Light Lime. Yummy!

Saturday, I recovered for a little, in the morning. I did some more lia sophia work, then met up with Jonathan again. This time, we hung out at the Hollywood Studios, and went on my two favorites...Tower of Terror and Rockin Rollercoaster. We also went on the Backlot Tour, where Jonathan's new beau works. He's really nice, and has eyes to die for. Good luck Jonathan! For dinner, I had an awesome meal of coconut shrimp, garlic mashed potatoes, and hush puppies. The best part? It was comped. The owner of the restaurant picked up the tab, because I gave her a deal on the jewelry. It was reeeeeally good.

So now, here I am, living in the Memphis airport. I just watched the Jets spank the Titans (did I mention that I'm in Tennessee?). It was great to see the Titans lose.

Okay, done for now. Talk to you later!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Okay, so things were great after Detroit. I got my own seat on the flight to Jacksonville, in a reeeeally comfy seat.

Then, knowing I'd probably end up with a Yaris or something, since I'm cheap, they gave me a free upgrade to a Volvo! I can't really figure out how to use it, aside from driving, since there are so many fun things on it. I'll have to spend the evening reading the owners manual.

Next, after taking two wrong turns, I made it to my hotel. While checking in at the hotel, the fire alarm went off, and the fire department stopped by. Nothing but excitement.

I got to go to dinner with Nate Bryhan, so it was good to see him again.

Well, I'm going to practice for my show now. See you later!

Heading Back to FL

I’m warning you. This may bore you to death. When I sit around, waiting for the plane, I write everything on my mind. Even I get bored! You may not want to waste your time.
So here I am at the Austin Straubel Airport, about ½ hour from boarding. I’m heading back to Jacksonville for another show, and to spend some time with a couple great friends. I have a whole different mindset this time, understanding better, my goals and my approach. I have learned a lot about goal setting since the beginning of my journey with lia Sophia. My goals for this trip are to get an $800 show, four bookings, and two potential recruits. It’s a stretch, but that’s the fun of accomplishing goals, right? I wish people understood how great it is to host a show. Somehow, explaining that a hostess gets an average of $400 in free jewelry, and many other bonus items, doesn’t get through to ladies. They’ll spend over $200 on their order, for a few things, but are afraid the hostess specials are too good to be true. THEY’RE NOT!
I am so glad to be a part of this company. I am looking forward to the future, and finding out where I’m going. I think I want to blog my goals, so I feel more accountable…and less likely to lower the standards.
I will have seven team members by July
I will average over $3000 in sales each month, from July on forward.
I will attend Success Camp in January
I will attend conference in June
I will earn the company trip for one this year.
I will receive the Ruby level for the 2010 conference (tracking June’09-May’10)
I will receive the Ruby level for sales for the 2010 conference (tracking June’09-May’10)
Earn a $30,000 income in 2010.
I’m sure I will have more as time goes by, but this is what I’m shooting for at this time.
We’re getting ready to board. See you in Detroit!
So, I’m in Detroit. I remember a few years ago, this airport being a s***hole. It was old and filthy. In a few places, I’m actually reminded of Disney. They have a really nice fountain in the concourse I arrived at. One of the walkways plays sounds of a thunderstorm, while you’re walking through a tunnel with lighting on the walls and ceiling that matches. They also have a tram running right through it all. Oh yeah, not to mention the cue lines at the restaurants, and the high prices for food.