Thursday, May 28, 2009

It’s not Sinking in…But it’s Real!

Two weeks ago, I started having horrible back pain (again…what’s new, right?). This time it wouldn’t go away. Two days ago, it moved into a whole different area of my back…an area I haven’t experienced pain in, in quite some time.

In three days I lost four pounds…hmmm. I’ve pretty much reached “plateau” status, so four pounds is weird. Quite some time ago, the same thing happened.

Over the last few weeks, my stomach hasn’t felt quite right. That also happened quite some time ago.

Over the past couple weeks, things have been happening a lot, that haven’t happened in quite some time.


Anyone remember what was happening three years ago? Yup… I was pregnant with Aristana.

So, yesterday I went to Walgreens, and an hour later, I was the proud owner of a used pregnancy test with a HUGE plus sign staring at me.

Today, I went to my doctor, and it was confirmed. We’re having another baby! The pregnancy is very early, only five weeks (for those of you who don’t know, a pregnancy is 40 weeks). The due date, as of now, is January 29th!

Can you believe it? Up until two months ago, I was positive that I didn’t want another child. Things were going so well with Lia Sophia, and I had many goals that I didn’t want to be disturbed. I felt a baby would only complicate the situation, and slow down my ability to accomplish the things I want. I realized one day, that I had given my business over to God, but not the rest of my life. If God decided that we should have a baby, He will make it work! So here we are…thank you God for trusting us once again!

Aristana has been telling everyone for us. “Mama have a baby in her belly.”
Wow. God is good!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Random Thoughts

I'm sitting here tonight, Mike gone, Aristana in bed, thinking about how my life has changed so much in a couple short years.

I have finally come to the realization that we no longer have a baby. These past couple weeks, we have struggled to find a comfortable "snuggle position" in the rocking chair at bedtime, because of how long she is now. I remember when she barely reached from one arm rest to the other. Still, I can't seem to let go of rocking her each night...afraid that the day I stop, she'll grow even more. She's been my little buddy since the day she was born, and yet I already feel like the days of her choosing to hang out with her friends, over us, is just around the corner. I don't mean to sound pathetic, but where did the time go?

Her attitude is definitely nothing short of teenager, with the talking back, and smiling while she disobeys... but she got my personality, so I guess I expect nothing less. Many times I miss the baby, or even six months ago, but it has been a blast watching her become her own person. The personality that makes us want to pull out our hair, is also the same attitude that brings out the funniest sayings and moments we'll cherish. She is truly a punk. But she is extremely independent, for which I am proud.

Watching her discover new things everyday, reminds me that we were not all programed from the beginning. We too, took time to learn things and discover. We don't need TV, or computers (okay, maybe a little), or video games to make life great. In fact, life has been a whole lot better since we turned the TV off. We work in the garden, play in the sandbox, go to the park. I loved watching her face the first time she held a worm. Now she's on constant look out for "Mr. Wermy."

I'm rambling, but I am overwhelmed right now, with wow feelings, and just needed to say how humbled I am that God would choose us to take care of His precious child. I am so blessed to have such a fantastic husband, and daughter.

Thank you God, for everything.