Sunday, August 31, 2008


Hey Everyone...
Not too much to report on Aristana, since her next appointment is on Thursday. However, she's been having good days since I wrote last. She's eating more, and having fewer "sheet changes." She's even dancing again :)

Next, CONGRATULATIONS SHELLY & ROB!!! We found out yesterday that Mike's sister Shelly, and her husband, Rob, are going to be having a baby in March! We are so extremely excited for them. We know they will be absolutely wonderful parents, and make God so proud.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has been keeping my brother in prayer, over the last few months. We received word yesterday, that he has returned from Qatar, and is again in Tampa. Although, with this year's hurricane season in the US, he may have been safer across the ocean. We are so proud of him, and his passion for our country. Thank you Brady!!!

I'll probably write again on Thursday or Friday, once we have returned from her appointment in Milwaukee.

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  1. Hey Maggie,

    I went to high school with you -- Its Lisa S. I am reading your blog and about your daughter.

    Have they tested her for gluten intolerance yet? I know that what you are talking about is a sign of that.

    I get paid to blog so if you even want to go that route let me know!