Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Heading Back to FL

I’m warning you. This may bore you to death. When I sit around, waiting for the plane, I write everything on my mind. Even I get bored! You may not want to waste your time.
So here I am at the Austin Straubel Airport, about ½ hour from boarding. I’m heading back to Jacksonville for another show, and to spend some time with a couple great friends. I have a whole different mindset this time, understanding better, my goals and my approach. I have learned a lot about goal setting since the beginning of my journey with lia Sophia. My goals for this trip are to get an $800 show, four bookings, and two potential recruits. It’s a stretch, but that’s the fun of accomplishing goals, right? I wish people understood how great it is to host a show. Somehow, explaining that a hostess gets an average of $400 in free jewelry, and many other bonus items, doesn’t get through to ladies. They’ll spend over $200 on their order, for a few things, but are afraid the hostess specials are too good to be true. THEY’RE NOT!
I am so glad to be a part of this company. I am looking forward to the future, and finding out where I’m going. I think I want to blog my goals, so I feel more accountable…and less likely to lower the standards.
I will have seven team members by July
I will average over $3000 in sales each month, from July on forward.
I will attend Success Camp in January
I will attend conference in June
I will earn the company trip for one this year.
I will receive the Ruby level for the 2010 conference (tracking June’09-May’10)
I will receive the Ruby level for sales for the 2010 conference (tracking June’09-May’10)
Earn a $30,000 income in 2010.
I’m sure I will have more as time goes by, but this is what I’m shooting for at this time.
We’re getting ready to board. See you in Detroit!
So, I’m in Detroit. I remember a few years ago, this airport being a s***hole. It was old and filthy. In a few places, I’m actually reminded of Disney. They have a really nice fountain in the concourse I arrived at. One of the walkways plays sounds of a thunderstorm, while you’re walking through a tunnel with lighting on the walls and ceiling that matches. They also have a tram running right through it all. Oh yeah, not to mention the cue lines at the restaurants, and the high prices for food.

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