Tuesday, March 3, 2009

On the Way to Jacksonville (Again)

Tuesday, March 3rd - 4:34 – Chicago O’Hare Airport
Hi again! I know it seems I only blog when I’m traveling. I think you’re getting that idea, because, well, I only seem to blog when I travel… sorry.
I’m sitting in the Chicago airport right now, waiting to board my flight to Jacksonville, FL. The flight here was nice. The sun shone through my window and warmed me up. Good has been so good to me, and I can’t help but smile. I also had my own seat…life on a plane doesn’t get much better than that. Except that I was next to the toilet. Although no one had time on that short flight to use the restroom, a reminder of the activity on the previous flight seemed to linger in the air…I got used to it, and we were good to go.
Next, I gave myself a budget of $40 for food, since I have a kitchen in my hotel room, and not a lot of travel time. Well, the only restaurant in my terminal charged $9.00 for the cheapest sandwich on the menu. I ordered it, and honestly threw ¾ of it away. It was so disgusting. Seriously, that bad. I got a bag of chips and a bottle of water with it, and my bill came to $18! Can you believe it? There goes my flippin food budget.
I texted Jonathan to see if he has time in the next two days to get together, since I only have one real show right now. I have a possibility on Thursday, but definitely nothing on Wed. Hope he has time. That would be great to see him again.
I think I’ll go for now. .. see you later!

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