Friday, March 6, 2009

Really Enjoying My Stay!

Friday, March 06, 2009 – 9am
I just have to say what a great place Staybridge Suites is. I truly feel like part of a family here. I’ve had several chances to speak with some really great people, from the staff, to the guests. This is more of a “long term stay” type of place, so there are more people who are laid back, talkative, and not in a hurry to get to any theme parks or tourist attractions. They serve free beer and wine in the evening, which brings everyone together. The wifi is free, the laundry is free. The breakfast and dinner meals are free. It’s really great.

Aside from the great place, I have also made the most of my stay here. On previous trips, I have stayed in my hotel until it was time for a show. This time, I went to the Jacksonville Zoo, and Ponte Vedre Beach, to read by the ocean. I went out for drinks with Nate B, and met with Sarah D for lunch. I can’t believe how slowly the last couple days have gone by, but I’m not complaining.
I was supposed to have a show last night, but made a strategic decision. The hostess (Karin) told me that she only had three people, including herself, who could attend. Everyone was interested, but being that it was thrown together last minute, almost all of them already had plans. I have a great girl, Julie, who is thinking of joining, but is concerned about not getting the initial bookings needed. She sent me a message that she’d join if she could get an extra booking. Julie and Karin know each other. I told Karin that I could do her show, with two guests, or she could reschedule for the future, with Julie. She took the second choice, and Julie got a booking. I’ll let you know how that works out. I will be talking to Julie tonight, at the show. Also, Diane, the hostess of tonight’s show, is considering joining, so hopefully that works out too. I’ll keep you posted!
My plane leaves tomorrow at 8am, so I’ll probably end up blogging from the airport again. See you later!

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