Saturday, August 29, 2009

So, where did our summer go? Okay, when did it ever actually come? Where is this global warming we keep hearing about? Crazy fall weather… it seems like we should go to the pumpkin patch this weekend :0)

Then, I think...where were we last year at this time? Aristana, although by this point, a punk...was a much smaller punk, and easier to control. My brother Brady and his family were living in Tampa, Florida, while Brady was stationed there with the Air Force. I was only four months post-surgery. The election commercials were airing, full-force, and I was absolutely positive that we didn't need to have another child. Needless to say, seasons change, we grow up, and God makes our decisions for us. I am glad things are where they are...although, it would be nice if Aristana was still a little less "punky."

I can’t believe how fast time is flying! We just passed the 18 week pregnancy mark, and can’t believe we’re already there. When I was pregnant with Aristana, things crawled at a turtle’s pace, because everything was anticipation for the next thing. How many weeks until we can find out the gender? Are we ready for this? …not to mention the proverbial “undo button” panic attacks (thanks for defining that feeling Andrew). We were excited to pick names, paint the nursery, and pack it with diapers, toys and onesies. This time around, the anatomy scan crept up on us (it’s a girl, by the way, for anyone who doesn’t know yet!) , we are finding it impossible to agree on a name, and are still dreading giving up the office/paperwork storage space/Mike’s closet, for the newest member of our family.

***To our precious little one… Please, if you are reading this someday, don’t think that we are anything other than ecstatic to have you entering our lives. We just had the extra time, extra money, and extra room, the first time around. You are truly a blessing from God!

Okay, now that that has been cleared up… Here are some more noteworthy tidbits…

An absolutely huge, excited, and with a sigh of relief, congratulations to Sarah, Cliff, Hattie, Atticus, and Paloma Cruz, on welcoming their two new sons/brothers, Miles and Keenen home, from Haiti. It was a long, over two year adoption battle…and the fact that they are home is a MIRACLE! We haven’t had a chance to meet them in person yet, since there are initial emotional obstacles to overcome for them first. However, they have been in our hearts for a very long time, and seeing them will feel more like a reunion to us, than a meeting.

Next, my little sister Lauren has finished up another summer at Camp Alice Chester, where she directed the counselors at the Girl Scout camp. She has now accepted an assignment with the Americorp. She will be based out of Sacramento, CA. Unfortunately, she won’t be home until July 2010, so we’ll have to be sure to send pictures of baby girl quite often. I am very proud of you Lauren. As unconventional life is sometimes, I am glad that you understand the need to do these things now, while you can. “Real Life” has a tendency to get in the way of new experiences with each year that passes.

Congrats to Scott, Wendy, and little Anna Schultz, on learning that they’ll be having another baby girl! Same to Martha, Brian and Emmett! I don’t know if our social group can handle anymore estrogen!

Okay, I want to mention a little about Aristana, since I realize there are so many funny things she does, that we’re not documenting. I don’t want to lose them forever.

Her new phrase is “F.Y.I.” Example: She calls from the bathroom, where she has a tendency to play with the hand soap… “Hey Mom.?.? Don’t come in here. I’m not doing anything wrong, FYI.”

Yesterday, Dad took her to run an errand, and she apparently got upset when he wouldn’t let her “drive.” She got home, ran to me, and said “Mom, Dada make me cry.” Then she turned around, shook her finger at him, and said, “Don’t do that again, boy!”

She also is learning some of her physical limitations, because she always says, “I get older to do…” “I get bigger to do…” But she uses it as an excuse to now. “Mom, I know how to clean up. I get older to do it.” Sounds fine in reading…however, in translating to what she is really saying… “Mom, I don’t know how to clean up, I have to get older to do it.” Nice try…
Potty training has been well…yeah.

We (okay, I) have been offering her larger and larger rewards for trying to go potty. She has done it plenty of times before, but has been very stubborn lately. I don’t want to push her, so I make the offer, and ask every once in a while if she wants to try. If she says no, I back off, and ask again later.

A few days ago, she decided that she wanted McDonalds, two matchbox cars, two dollars, nail polish, stickers and ice cream, because she was on the potty for over four hours! The main problem with that, is she wants me to sit in there with her. One thing I have learned over and over and over again from potty training articles, videos, and books, is to be extremely supportive. So, we tried. …and tried, and tried…etc. On and off all day. Nothing. One time, she was on for over an hour, and when she stood up to walk to her room, she urinated all over herself. I felt so bad for her, because you could feel the determination she had to do it right

I guess that’s enough for now. Later…

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