Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Few Notes - Happy December!

It's here...Christmas week!

Wow! I am so excited about this week! We have been having so much fun this year, creating new Christmas traditions, and reviving our families traditions with Aristana. She's totally up on how Christmas works, both religious and secular. What's even better, is that I have found a renewed faith over the past six months, and am personally feeling so completely surrounded by God's love! I have not felt stressed out once by the culmination of birthday/Christmas/Baby preparations this month. Know why? Because none of that stress matters! I have gained a much clearer understanding of God's plan for me, and the true appreciation of Jesus having died for my sins. I don't deserve the amazing gifts in my life, but can tell you that I never take them for granted! I can live in peace, through good and bad, knowing that I don't control the situation. Thank you Lord!

Bellevue Fire Department Kids' Christmas Party

This was our third year participating in the Bellevue Fire Department's Kids' Christmas party. Again, with Aristana's age, it was so cute. She was so nervous about Santa coming, and could not contain her emotions when he walked in the room. She started with a cute giggle, which quickly led into a non-stop nervous giggle. Her body couldn't stop moving, and she would run a few feet, and run back to Mike. She'd dig her head in his lap and just laugh. Then she'd look at Santa again, and do it all over again.

They provide a gift for each child, so Santa called her name to come up by him.
Oh. My. Gosh. It was HILARIOUS! It took about a minute to get her up there, because she was so excited and couldn't stop running around. I took her up there, and she sat on his lap. She giggled the whole time, still with the nervous laugh, and even had Santa laughing after a short time. After she received her gift, we went back to our table, and she completely decompressed. Once that adrenalin wore off, she was pooped... in a matter of a minute.

After that, she had to check out all the engines, police cars, and utility vehicles at the department. She's such a boy (okay, in a cute red dress). She has a thing for Tracy, the female police officer on the Bellevue department, so maybe she'll follow in her footsteps someday. As of now though, she still wants to "fix railroad tracks" when she grows up.

Moving on...
I had another doctors appointment yesterday, for a non-stress test for baby. She again, did a great job, and passed with flying colors. I however, got my iron results back, and my levels continue to drop. It is due to my gastric bypass. I am eating a ton of iron, but my body isn't absorbing it, and baby is taking everything she needs (which is very good). The result? I'm soooo exhausted, and have an uncontrollable desire to chew ice...all the time (PICA). For those of you not familiar with PICA, it could be worse. I could crave dirt, metal, or duct tape or something like that. I'll stick with the ice. Unfortunately, my doctor and my OB (the doctor's wife) are gone until the first week of January, out of the country. My other OB is out this week for Christmas. I have a nutritionist that is working with the on-call doctor, and suggesting options that I know my OBs didn't want to pursue. It's just a bit confusing and frustrating. A week from now, I'll have had my next ultrasound, and hopefully some more answers. I just need some patience.

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