Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Half Way There!

Today, we are half way there! Our baby girl is doing well and so are we, at 20 weeks. She is kicking a bunch, and getting stronger. I can’t say enough about the feeling of the baby kicking in my belly, and not just the physical feeling. I love knowing that finally our miracle is strong enough to let me know that she’s there. I love knowing that someday soon, both Mike and Aristana will be able to feel it too. I love knowing that a baby’s kick is the one thing that only I can truly experience. Even when others can feel her, no one else will be able to feel it from my perspective. It’s something that only Baby and I will share. I don’t mean to sound selfish, but it’s just great!

Aristana is really grasping the Big Sister role well. She is always talking about her, wanting to buy her things, and has already named her. Baby sister’s name apparently will be Lightning, at least according to Aristana. I can hear her talking to her animals about her baby sister, and how they need to be nice to her. I am aware that things will probably change once Lightning is born, but it’s good to know that she at least has a positive attitude to begin with.

Last of the baby stuff… We have narrowed the real baby names down to four. For a short time, we had one chosen…but I can’t seem to love it yet. Of four names, I’m not a fan of Mike’s favorite. He’s not a fan of my favorite, and the other two, we are both “okay” with…but neither of us are overly-excited about them. So we tabled the subject for a few days, hoping each of our names would grow on the other person. I’m pretty sure people will be surprised by our choice, no matter which one we choose. One sounds like a name from the “olden days.” The other three are shorter, two-syllables, and better known. I personally wanted something more simple, that still sounded nice with Aristana’s name. Hmmm, we’ll see…

Off the baby subject. We went to Red Robin with Mike’s parents yesterday. As we were leaving, we saw Aaron Rogers! I’m not one to get star struck… but apparently the New Kids on the Block, and Aaron Rogers are a different species. Since his name was added to the Packers roster, I have been a huge fan. Even when there was no Favre drama, and we were all aware that Rogers was nothing but a back-up, I was a fan. As soon as the Favre/retired/not retired/playing for the Jets drama started, we chose a Rogers jersey for Aristana. Anyway…We made eye contact for a couple seconds, and I truly became giddy. What a dork! Here I am, with my husband, daughter, in-laws, and I am giddy that I saw the quarterback of the GB Packers. He even shaved off his crazy mustache, and looked really cute. Okay, I can move on… maybe. ( I think he looks a little like Mike, so that would explain my attraction) Didn’t I say I was moving on?

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