Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In regards to the news of our AHS schoolmate, spreading like wildfire...

I need to vent. I’m not sure why my heart just can’t let this one go…

Many of you, who graduated from Ashwaubenon High School, are aware of one of our former schoolmates, and the horrible legal trouble they’ve recently been in, regarding sex crimes. For those of you who are not aware, I am sorry, but I am writing this strictly from my heart, and not for any gossip purposes. I will not reveal the name, but refer to them as “he.”

I decided to write this, after receiving numerous texts, facebook messages and emails regarding this story.

I have heard/read different stories and allegations, and am only certain that he has been officially charged. I am also aware of the extreme sadness his actions have caused the victims, as well as the victim’s families. I understand all that. Please know that this blog is in NO WAY defending his actions.

However, I feel an extremely strong desire to talk about it. We are told in the Bible, that we are not to judge one another. A sin is a sin, no matter what. In the eyes of God, the only one who matters, the crimes this man committed are no worse than the white lie I told this morning. Someday, I will die, and be judged. He will die and be judged. Only then, and by God, will his journey from there be determined. Don't forget the most important thing of all. Jesus died for us, to take our sins away. We all can live, by the grace of God! We are all equal!

The devil knows our weaknesses. He exploits them, uses them against us, and ultimately desires to place a small wedge between us and the Lord. Unfortunately, we cannot always find the strength to fight these desires and feelings. The wedge gets bigger, and we lose our self control, and strong relationship with God.
In high school, when my parents divorced, I blamed God, and questioned His motives. The wedge was placed. I fell away from the small relationship I had with the Lord. This person however, not knowing me very well, reached out, and invited me to Bible study. I went, and will always be so thankful for that day. I know my life has been blessed tremendously, just for knowing this person. I know many others can say the same. Many lives have been blessed by this person in the past. Which is ultimately why I’m writing this entry.

Instead of name calling, gossiping, and telling everyone we know about it, how about we say a prayer. Pray of course, for the victim(s), for their families, for his family, both immediate, and extended. Most of all, say a prayer for him. Say a prayer to God, asking Him to hang on tight to this person who needs him so much right now, and help him become a better person once again. This is a tragedy in so many ways, but there is no doubt the goodness that lies within this man. Those of you who know who I’m talking about…I know you can’t deny that.

If you are about to tell more people about it. Ask yourself why. What do you gain by gossiping? Being the bearer of bad news does not make you a better person. Giving the family some respect, does.

If you are name calling. Ask yourself. Have I not sinned? If you can say that you are sin free, then put him down. But since we are not to judge, I believe that in itself would be a sin.

I don’t mean to offend anyone by writing this blog entry. Again, this is my view… and I don’t claim to speak for others. However, I know in my heart that my journey to finding Christ may never have begun, if it wasn’t for this person. As much as I am saddened by the news, I will continue to pray for EVERYONE involved.

Thank you for your time, and respect of my opinion.

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