Friday, June 11, 2010


This past winter, Aristana wrote a letter to Thomas the Tank, asking him if he would come visit Green Bay, because we had a lot of train tracks for him to use. We addressed it to Thomas, at the Island of Sodor, put a “stamp” on it, and took it to the post office at Festival Foods. After the lady stamped “air mail” all over it, she put it in the box to go out in that day’s mail.

Three days later, a letter arrived in our mailbox, for Miss Aristana, from the Island of Sodor. Thomas thanked her for her letter, and said she seemed like a very nice girl. He would indeed come visit. However, since he hates his snowplow (mom did her research – okay, after seeing 684 Thomas videos over and over again, some things stick with you), he wanted to wait until summer. Well, as Aristana puts it, yesterday was “Thomas June.” We had a really nice time. Unfortunately, we didn’t do our timing well, and didn’t end up having enough time to do everything we wanted to… we learned.

Aristana, the ever timid three year old was quite nervous most of the time, and so we didn’t end up with any pictures of Sir Topham Hat. She was also not willing to get a tattoo, but volunteered me to. She picked out a James tattoo for me, and I took an extra one for her. It turns out she didn’t want someone else to put it on her. So after a quick trip to the bathroom, we had Mom and Daughter matching James tattoos. Add that to the list of questionable things I’ve been strongly encouraging her to do lately (also included, playing in the rain, jumping in puddles, running up a slide, using a knife to make her own sandwich…geesh)
After lots of staring at and playing with train tracks and engines, we boarded the train, and Thomas took us for a ride! This was exciting for her… The first train ride we took (on Memorial Day, same train, without Thomas) began with screaming and tears. We were glad she was much more willing this time around.
Ironically, the thing that may have won the award for “The Most Exciting Part of the Day Out With Thomas,” was the fact that she got to take a ride on a big yellow school bus, to get back to our car. Go figure…

Thanks to God for hanging on to the rain until we were done. Thanks to Mike for working hard to afford us $45 worth of some fun and a free bus ride

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