Thursday, June 10, 2010

It’s three and a half hours since my last post, and I’m laughing at how the situation changes from peace to war. I have spent the last five minutes ignoring my three year old and trying not to laugh, as her frustration with me quickly builds. She’s still very dependent on my help for things ( I think it’s actually a control issue ~ who will win this battle – type thing). She wants pants on. She knows how to put them on correctly. She just doesn’t want to today. She wants Mom to do it. As I type, she’s walking around with one pant leg on, upside down, obviously to try to teach me a lesson, as she fake cries loudly, “I can’t do it! I can’t do it!” The more upset she gets, the funnier she gets, and the harder I have to work to keep a straight face. So, I’m typing… Currently, there are seven pairs of pants and capris on the floor, since it is apparently to difficult to get any of them on. She decided on her favorite pair of shorts. Unfortunately, they are in the freshly washed load of laundry that has not made it to the dryer yet. More drama… Fun is over, time to end this situation.

Update: She ended up yelling and trying to hit me. Both she, and her pants ended up in bed for a time out. I checked on her 30 seconds later, through a crack in her door, and there she was just hanging out in bed – pants on. Wow… I know you all think she gets her stubbornness from me, but it’s just that you can SEE that I’m stubborn. Mike is just as bad… I’m starting to think she’s not as much like me as I thought… I’m seeing a lot of her daddy coming out in her now. Hmmm… we’ll have to keep an eye on that one.

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