Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More great summer events!!!

I LOVE SUMMER! I love having fun stuff to do all the time. I love playing softball… watching softball… farmers markets… Breakfast on the farm…community picnics… parks… sanctuaries… festivals… etc…

Last weekend, we started off the morning by taking our annual walk to the end of the block to cheer on all the runners doing the Bellin run. This year, we didn’t stay long. It was day four or five of rain, and both Maisie and Aristana weren’t too cooperative. I still got to see a few people we knew.

After a nap, the two girls and I met up with Mike, Grandma and Grandpa Hinz at the Bellevue
Community/Firemen’s picnic at Josten Park. Thankfully, the weather held out, and it was nice and warm for a good part of the day. We ate some burgers, watched some waterfights, played some kids’ games, visited with friends, and took some pictures. My good looking firefighter was assigned to work the bouncy house. Still great with the kids. Gotta love him!

Sunday proved to be another beautiful day! We went to Breakfast on the Farm in Newton (Manitowoc County) Grandma and Grandpa met up with us again there too.  I have such fantastic in-laws! There are no problems in the world that cannot be solved with a hearty breakfast, a morning bowl of ice cream, an unending supply of chocolate milk, and some polka music

Bath time for both girls and an early bedtime prepared us for Aristana’s first day of Vacation Bible School at Faith Lutheran in Allouez. This is where she’ll be attending preschool in the fall. I was worried how it would go, since she is usually adamant that Mom or Dad stay with her wherever she goes. God gave us a great morning, and a cooperative Aristana (a true miracle). She got ready, ate breakfast and was an angel. We went a little early so she could adapt before I bailed on her. She walked into her room, and my little girl transformed into a big girl. She was so excited to be there. We found out too, that her cousin Paloma, and friends Lexi and Kinsey were also in her class. I’m loving this! 

That’s it for now. Tomorrow we have VBS again, and Mike’s softball game. Thursday though, we’ll be having nine kids over for lunch and some playtime after VBS… pictures to follow...

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