Monday, May 19, 2008

Going Home - Missing my family...

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADY! It was great to hang out with you in Orlando! I'm so proud to have you for my brother!

...Atlanta Airport
I am on my way home from Orlando/Jacksonville, where I’ve been for five days. It was a great (and successful) trip, but man, do I ever miss Mike and Aristana. I just broke down, because I heard her scream with excitement, when she heard my voice over the phone. Wow, that really is powerful!

I don’t think I truly understood our connection…considering how I’ve been acting on this trip. Jacksonville was just fine…two days of business stuff, that kept my mind off things. I was also only away for a couple days by that point.

On day three, I drove to Orlando. That was exciting, since I always love going to Orlando. I met Brady for dinner at the ESPN Zone, at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort. After watching Big Brown with the Preakness, and the Brewers lose to the Red Sox, we headed to Jellyrolls, my all time favorite place! Again, not a sad day…spending time with Brady was so great.

However, day four proved to be a little more difficult. In the morning, I went to Wal-Mart, to grab a few items. I broke down a few times, seeing things that she’s look cute wearing, or food items she likes to eat. After Wal-Mart, I went to the outlet mall, where I talked to Mike on the phone, and broke down again.

From there, I went to Disney’s Marketplace at Downtown Disney to cry some more, while spending all my money on Aristana, at the World of Disney store. I got her a Mickey Mouse pillow, two Mickey plates and a tiny Mickey doll dressed in a baseball uniform. I also got her one of those charm bracelets. I've wanted to start one for her, and this one came with a charm of a crystal Mickey head.

Later in the day, I went to the Magic Kingdom, where Jonathan got me in for free. I looked at all the families, and all the little kids (even the crying ones) with such envy.

It was great to see Jonathan again. However, I feel sorry for the guy, since even though I wasn’t in tears, I did spend the majority of the time, talking about Mike & Aristana.

I know I need to thank God over and over and over again, for the absolutely awesome husband and daughter I have! THANK YOU GOD!

My flight boards in about an hour, so I’m going to finish eating, and head on to my gate.
I’ll talk again soon…

*** Okay, now I’m at my gate, waiting to board… I am stuffed. Stupidly, I ate too much for lunch. Oh, and I got a cookie for on the plane. Real smart… I’ve done very well these past few days, so hopefully I’ll be okay. This new lifestyle isn't any easier than the old one.

I can’t wait to see Mike & Aristana!

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