Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Time is flying...and so is my patience

Wow, every few days I come across this realization of how fast the last year and a half has gone. It seems that only yesterday it was just Mike and I...then I get a glimpse of our little terror running around and acting like she rules the world. Where did our little blob, who only spit up on herself and smiled while passing gas, go? Gone...completely gone. I love Aristana more than I ever knew was possible...however, she's jumping into her terrible twos, and taking advantage of every minute of it.

I remember, before I had a child, sitting at a restaurant, or shopping at a store, and rolling my eyes at a parent who wouldn't get their child to stop screaming. I thought to myself many times, "When I have a child, I'll never let him/her...(fill in the blank, because there are so many endings)" I am quickly learning that I had no clue. Many parents don't choose to teach their children that screaming is okay, and throwing a tantrum is the latest craze. No, as I pull out my hair, I realize that I should have been much more understanding. I'm learning that no matter how we're parenting Aristana, that she will scream if she wants to, and she will throw things, and cry, and hit if she chooses. We, of course, have to make sure that she understands that it's not okay...but for now, no preemptive course of action will change the outcome.

Okay, now for other life things...

We had a wonderful weekend! It is always so nice to get some quality time in as a family, while still accomplishing some things.

First of all, last week, Aristana used the "big people potty" for the first time. I can't say that an encore will happen any time soon, but it was very exciting, nonetheless.

This past Saturday, we all went to Grandma and Grandpa Hinz's farm. Mike helped with chores for awhile, and Aristana loved being there. She helped Mike with chores too, but her main job was to talk to the cows and cats. She did a great job. We also helped pick some stones. Technically, Aristana and I played in the corn field while Mike helped pick stones. She sure plays the farmer girl role very well. Not to mention, it makes for some really cute photo ops.

We went to Celebrate De Pere this weekend as well, to listen to the "Groove Hogs." They really are great! Aristana danced, and chased bubbles around for awhile. She also got to have her first popsicle. The weather was warm, and she was too. She was adorable trying to eat it... not to mention, stained. Her clothes, her skin, her stroller all showing proof of her snack.
Overall, it was a wonderful weekend!

I learned that I was much more a farm girl when I was dating Mike. My brain has decided that I am not meant to hang out on a farm anymore...now that I'm not trying to impress him anymore. I seem to get grossed out a lot quicker than I used to. Aristana, on the other hand, loved everything.

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