Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh...I get it now...

Okay, in my last entry, I vented a bit on Aristana's behavior. At Mike's softball game on Wednesday, our friend Jason was talking about his daughter, and her struggle with getting her molars in. Aristana has fourteen teeth in, including all of her molars. I think we just put teething on the back burner, since the molars came in. I checked out her mouth yesterday, after she was just being miserable, and found 3 new ones popping up. Now I feel bad for all my self-pity. This morning, she woke up, and cried for fifteen minutes, scraping at her tongue, and making gestures toward her mouth. She wouldn't eat breakfast at all. Thankfully I had a little of her soy milk left, which she drank. We went grocery shopping, and she seemed to be doing better, thanks to the Tylenol. When we got home, we packed a picnic and headed out to Green Isle Park, for lunch, and to watch all of the kids playing on the playground equipment. She ate some cheese and strawberries, so I'm glad she seems to be feeling a little better. She really is such a great kid!

On the weight loss subject... I want to thank you all for the wonderful support you have been sending my way. I'm learning that food addiction is a problem for a lot of us. Thanks for sharing your struggles and successes! It's just great to hear from you all!

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