Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weight Update - 06/08/08

51 Pounds Down / 109 to go!

It's been a rough week, considering I didn't lose the three pounds until yesterday. Plateaus, even short ones, are horrible! But, WOOHOO! I broke the 50 pound milestone!

As always, the struggles are there. For instance, any of you who know "Zestys," know that they have awesome custard. The problem is, they have awesome custard less than a block away from our house....and directly on our walking path. So far, since reopening on June 1st, we haven't eaten there...and I'm pretty positive that I'll be okay.

Update... one of my goals was to fit comfortably in a seat at Miller Park... we went to the Brewer game on June 1st, and my bum fit happily in the seat!!! It seems funny to be excited about something like that, but it definitely put a huge smile on my face!

My clothes, even the ones I've purchased since surgery, are getting very loose. I started using a belt on my jeans that were having trouble staying on. Now, however, I'm having to make new holes in my belts. What a tough issue to have, huh? Believe me, I praise God every time I have trouble finding something to wear.

I'll talk again soon...Bye

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