Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Conference Day 1

Day one, lia Sophia conference

Pam, Mel, Julie, Jen, Barb, Susan and I met in Allouez, and all headed down to Milwaukee, for the 2008 lia sophia conference. I am so blessed to be involved with such a great group of ladies!

So far, we attended a presentation by Pat Pearson. It was pretty informative…although I found myself zoning quite a bit. I haven’t been to school, or any situation where I was there for the specific purpose of learning, in quite a while. I am a complete airhead today… I went walking down the streets of Milwaukee today, by myself, practically saying “easy target” with my lia Sophia badge and big blue bag. About two blocks down, I decided that I really didn’t know where I was going, and pictured being the star of a CSI or Law & Order show. I know I’m paranoid, but now that I have a family to be responsible to, I think of those things more. Although, I am probably more likely to be attacked by a pole or wall, as I walk into it, at the rate I’m going today.

I really think that I’m not getting enough vitamins right now, because I really am having a rough time with fatigue and just feeling “off.”

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