Sunday, June 1, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

We piled in the van at 7am, traded Aristana for Nate, and picked up Jeremy & Heather. After picking up Lis in Cedarburg, we were on our way to Miller Park, for a game that would be decided in the first few innings, against the Houston Astros.

We met Ben, Bill, Jeremy and Amanda, and had an awesome tailgate party, in perfect weather, with perfect parking, right in front of the big Miller Park sign. It was Ryan Braun Bobble Head Day, so we each got a fun gift to bring home with us. The Brew Crew managed to hit great, sometimes two at-bats in an inning... beating the Astros, 10 to 1.

During the third inning, I got up to walk around and get something to eat. I had to watch Ryan Braun's homer on a TV, inside the "Fan Zone" (gift shop). However, I did manage to stand field level, behind home plate for a bit, and saw another home run, this time from Russell Branyan.

After the game, we tailgated again, played catch, and just waited for the cars to clear from the lot. It was a long day, but again, perfect. We really couldn't have asked for a better day...maybe better seats, but not a better day.

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