Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just a few things...

I just wanted to mention that I am at 101 pounds lost now! I made it past that HUGE milestone!

Also, more exciting stuff... We had our monthly team meeting for lia sophia, last night. I found out that I was #2 in sales for our division, in December! Yeah! I am really pushing myself now, and it's paying off! I have two new team members this week, and have booked seven shows for February, and nine for March so far. I'm hoping to get ten for both months.

It's amazing to me, that despite the fact that we are in a "failing economy" and dealing with a recession, I am posting my biggest numbers yet. Women will always want to feel good about themselves. I am able to say that I choose not to be affected by the recession. I won't get laid off. I won't be downsized. I'm amazed. Thank you God, for putting this in my life!

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